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Moths are one of the very annoying pests. Moths can enter from the tiniest hole possible. Moreover, they find perfect breeding spots and breed fast too. Moths can damage various things: clothes, carpets, curtains, upholstery, any linen even made of synthetic fibers. Not only this they will also attract other pests and they can even give you allergies if you use linen a bit earlier. Moths may not look creepy or dangerous but they can damage your whole closet within a matter of days.

So, for controlling moths you will require Moth Control Yeronga experts who have proper knowledge and experience. Our company has many individuals who are masters in handling all types of moth infestation. Pest Control Yeronga can provide you all the assistance you may need while dealing with a moth infestation.  You can reach us at 07 2000 4194 for any queries. 

Moth Control Yeronga

Benefits of Hiring A Professional Moth Controller

No matter how many home remedies you may try to remove the moths if once they infest the house you can not deal with them alone. Also, you can not leave them as they are, not only will they harm all of your linen in the house. They can also give you allergies and that will be bad for your health. However, hiring a professional will make it easy for you.  

Professionals will have every knowledge about the moths they require to deal with them. Moreover, they will have a license to perform the services. The products they will be using will be very less harsh than the spray you will buy at the store. 

All The Services We Offer 

✔ Domestic Moth control

Moths in the home are the biggest threat to your ambiance as they can damage anything related to fabrics. Our company completely understands that and that is why we provide Domestic moth control or Home Moth control  Yeronga services. All you have to do is just call us and we will be there. 

✔ Pre-purchase Moth inspection

In case you are about to buy a property then it is better to opt for a Pre-purchase Moth inspection. Pre-purchase moth inspection will allow you to know the real condition of the property as well as it will also tell you about all other pest infestations too. However, you should always get it done from a trustable pest control agency. Our company will provide you a detailed report of pre-purchase inspection with every minor and major fault in the property.  Hire our services, we are just a call away. 

✔ Emergency Moth control Yeronga services

In case you are too late to notice the infestation of the pest and now there is no time for you to try some home remedies, or make an appointment. Then you can contact our company as we provide Emergency moth control Yeronga services. if you opt for this service we will be at your property in less than an hour. And this will not be so expensive as our policy is to keep the charges as reasonable as possible.  

✔ Moth inspection and removal

If you are just spotting the moths frequently but you are not able to find their nest then do not worry. Our Moth inspection services are just made for a situation like these. In this, we will monitor the pest and then we will inspect, find the breeding nests and start the removal procedure. 

✔ Restaurant Moth control

Moths in a restaurant can damage various expensive curtains, upholstery, or other fabric items. Moreover, the staff of the restaurant will not have so much in their hands that they can find the nest and deal with them too. So do not worry we have various deals and packages for the restaurant moth control service we provide.

✔ Same day Moth control

If you just got aware of the pest infestation in your home and need expert pest control by the end of the day. Then all you have to do is contact our company and we will be there. Our company provides premium services in which our pest control experts will reach your property on the same day with no previous booking. 

Why Should You Hire Our Moth Control Yeronga Agency?

  • Our company provides you the best moth control service in the whole suburb. The services are always prompt and catered with professionalism. 
  • Affordable services are offered by the company. We never charge our customer more than it requires to. 
  • The members of our company always work with the latest tools and equipment we provide them to cater service smoothly.
  • Our company’s Moth treatment services do not end with just sessions. We also take regular follow-up and sometimes visits.

Case Study

Thomas called for our emergency moth pest control service on Friday. Our Moth Exterminators arrived at the property in less than an hour and started the services. It took our team 2 to3 hours to get rid of moths from 1 store room along with the garage. Moreover, Thomas was satisfied with our service and told us to call us regularly now.

Why we love to work in Yeronga

Yeronga is situated along the Brisbane River. With more than 6000 population Yeronga is a peaceful suburb. We absolutely love to work in this suburb. Do try our services out for the best pest control experience. So, reach us for your “moth control near me” search. 


What food items can attack?

Moths can attack grains, cereals, legumes, coffee powder, nuts, etc. 

What are the common moths found in Yeronga?

The flour moths, furniture moths, and cloth moths are common in the Yeronga.

In what state moths damage most?

Moths can damage your property at any stage of their life cycle. However, they are most harmful at their larva stage. 

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