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Borers can infest furniture too but the real problem is when they infest the structure of the property. Therefore, the moment you suspect that there can be a Borer infestation, ask for pest control immediately. Pest Control Yeronga has been in the pest control industry for decades now. It is extremely important for an individual to go for a company that is genuine and provides the best services. We have many experts who are working for a couple of years and have performed more than hundreds of services. Our company has the best Borer exterminators in all of Yeronga. Not only are our Borer Control Yeronga services excellent. But we also use eco-friendly products as well as we have inexpensive fees too. Reach our experts at 07 2000 4194 for any assistance.

Different Types Of Service We Offer

✔ Pre-purchase Borer inspection

Before buying a property, you should always get a Pre Purchase inspection by a reliable company. The reason is that this inspection will tell you the real price of the property. Moreover, our company will provide you a proper report with every major and minor detail related to the borer infestation. 

✔ Emergency Borer control Yeronga services

If you have just seen the borer infestation and it is widespread & there is no time then do not panic just take your mobile and call us. We will be there in less than an hour if you choose our exclusive Emergency Borer Control Yeronga Service. Also, just because this is an exclusive service does not mean we will overcharge you, Our prices will always be modest. 

✔ Domestic Borer control

Domestic borer infestation is pretty common in Yeronga. The reason is the wide diversity in the fauna of Australia. However, the infestation can cripple the whole house. So you can not just ignore any small sign of borer infestation. Hire our company for the finest home borer control service.

✔ Borer inspection and removal

Borer infestation is more dangerous than any other pest infestation. The sole reason is people do not even get any doubt about their infestation. By the time anyone gets even a bit suspicious the borer has already crippled the whole infrastructure. That is why we provide Borer Inspection service &removal service. We will inspect and remove any borer from the whole house.

✔ Restaurant Borer control

Borer is like a nightmare for Restaurant as most of the restaurant is made of timber. The staff of a restaurant is very busy all the time so it is not possible for them to look for a pest breeding nest. So, we provide Restaurant Borer control services to Restaurant. Moreover, we provide various offers and deals for the restaurant borer control services. 

✔ Same day Borer control

If you forget to get an appointment and you took an off just for the borer control services then also you do not have to worry. We can provide you a same-day borer control service. Yes with us you do not need to have a per appointment for a Borer control service. You can just opt for our same-day borer control and we will be there. 

Importance of Borer Control

Borers switch places till they do not find a good place for breeding. And if unfortunately, that place is your home then you have to get rid of them. Borer pests are not that you can deal with yourself with no professional help. In case you are thinking to leave them be then that can even cost you your whole property. The borer breeds very fast and feast even faster. From wooden floor to wooden roof, wooden pillar, Wooden furniture they can eat everything and will cripple your house if not paid attention immediately. 

Timely services by Pest Control Yeronga

Not only our services are safe, proven but our services are also prompt and always delivered on time. Our teams make sure that all the services that they deliver are always on time and never late. We can guarantee you that we can cater your service before the time but we will never be late. These small things make our company the best in the whole of Yeronga. Moreover, we provide our experts latest tools and equipment for the smoothest and fastest services with the finest results. Choose us for your “borer control near me” search.

Merits of Hiring Pest Control Yeronga for Borer Treatment Services

  • Our company provides prompt and fast services
  • We will deliver you the best quality services
  • Our experts who are most experienced in the Yeronga in Borer control services
  • Our company provides services at very affordable rates. 

Case Study

William called our company for an Emergency borer control Yeronga service. Our team reached the premises in less than an hour and started the procedure. After the procedure, William was very happy. Moreover, he said to start the regular borer pest control from us now. 

Why We Love Yeronga

Yeronga is situated at the riverbank of Brisbane river. With a population of more than 6300, this suburb is a beautiful place to be. Our company loves to work in Yeronga and we hope you try our services too. 


Can a fly spray kill borers?

Yes, fly spray can kill the borers but only in the larva stage mostly. However, they should be directly sprayed on too. 

Are your Borer Pest Control products safe?

Yes, We use as much as possible chemical-free products. However, we advise keeping your pets and kids away from the treated area. 

Which Borers are common in Yeronga?

Lysine borers which are the most common & Anobium punctatum the common furniture beetle. These two are the most common borers in Yeronga.

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